Shazam Tags to Spotify Playlists in 3 Easy Steps

1) Download your Shazam Tag History
and Upload it to Sazhimi

Download your Shazam Tag History from Here
or go to and Find the Download
History Option in the Top Right.

  • •

2) Authenticate with Spotify

Just Login With Your Spotify Account
and Authorize Sazhimi:

• • •

3) Sazhimi-fy

Create Your Playlist in Spotify!
Wait for the Confirmation Screen

Sazhimi-fy (Create Your Playlist)

Frequently Asked Questions

What is this?

Sazhimi is a tool that helps you to bulk export Shazam Tags into Spotify Playlists.
(More Music Services Coming Soon).

Why do I need to download and upload my Shazam history manually?

Unfortunately Shazam doesn't have a public API. Since we are running everything on the server side, there are no simple ways to get your history automatically. This is the easiest and less problematic way in which we can get your history.

Is there a limit in the number of tags I can export and would I get all the songs?

Sazhimi Beta supports unlimited tags but more than 200 tags haven't been tested and may result in a very slow response. Sometimes your tagged songs would not be available in Spotify, so you may not get all of them. Future releases would have support for real time playlist management so you can select which tags go in your playlist.

What other services would you support in the future?

Sazhimi would have integration with Grooveshark, Deezer, Beats Music and Rdio.
Stay tuned for future updates.

How is this different from the integrated Shazam Export?

Shazam only provides single exports/song search. Sazhimi helps you to export ALL your tags to a playlist in three simple steps.

About the Creator

I'm Juan J. Ramirez. I'm a Product Manager and UX enthusiast.
I created Sazhimi because I was tired of not being able to manage my music lists accross different services. As mentioned in the FAQ section, I'm planning to expand Sazhimi and have integration with more services, as well as other playlist management features.

Do you like what you see? Do you need someone to help you build prototypes, design features, understand your customers' needs, create usable experiences and ship amazing technology products? I can do that.
I'm open for PM opportunities.

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